Monday, May 31, 2010

Lo siento

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've just been having too much fun to want to stop and sit down and write it all here! It is all in my journal, though, and hopefully I'll get it here one of these days.

I'll give you a brief synopsis:
  • After Madrid, we went to Toledo and it was BEAUTIFUL! (pictures are posted on fb of course)
  • We arrived in Valencia on Sunday the 23rd where I met my host mom (she's amazing) and made myself at home in my cute little room.
  • Classes started on Tuesday. I'm taking Advanced Grammar and Advanced Lit and so far they're both pretty good. :)
  • Thursday we all went out for a night of craziness because we don't have class on Friday.
  • Over the weekend, we went to the southern coast of Spain: Cullera, Calpe, & Gandía and enjoyed the crystal clear waters and ivory beaches
  • Did some homework (whhhhaaaattt? who assigns homework in spain? sheesh!) and classes started again today.
  • Lots of shopping and REALLY hot weather this afternoon...
and that's pretty much it. I've got some interesting stories to throw in here and there. Like how a stranger bit my foot... but I'll save that one for later.


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