Monday, May 24, 2010

May 19th- On the Plane

Okay-- my first entry. Where do I even begin? Let's start around 2 PM when Daniel came over to my house to see me off. He surprised me with my favorite chocolates (Lindt dark chocolate truffles for anyone who is reading) and trail mix for the trip. :) I was frantically trying to get everything together and saying goodbyes all at the same time. After lots of hugs and kisses from the dogs and the boy, it was already 3 and mom and I were off. We left a little early so we'd have time to visit Debbie before my trip. On the way to Debbie's I decided to indulge in one of those delicious chocolates. Oh boy what at mistake! You think I would have realized that Hey! its Georgia in the summer and 90 degrees outside and the chocolate just might be melted. But no, I did not think about this and the second I bit into the delicious truffle, a fountain of warm gooey chocolaty goodness erupted ALL OVER my white t-shirt. GLORIOUS, I know. Mom and I laughed for awhile because it looked like someone pooped on my chest and decided it would be best to go to target instead of Debbie's so that I could buy a new shirt (sorry Debbie!). We eventually made it to the airport and after struggling with crazy traffic and no where to park, mom and I checked my bags, grabbed some Atlanta Bread Co and said our goodbyes. After going through security I met my DAD! He surprised me and changed his flight so that he would be arriving in Atlanta when I got there. He took me to the crown room where I had a glass of wine before heading to the gate. Before I knew it, it was 6:30 and I was boarding the plane! My seat companion was nice and quiet and after eating my delicious vegetarian meal (seriously, it was really good) and watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox, I passed out.

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